Tosche Station Episode 7: Rogue One Trailer Breakdown!


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally has a trailer out, so naturally hosts Alex Suffolk and Jordan Decker had to devote an episode to picking it apart scene by scene. How good is the musical overlay? Who is that figure in the black robe? What do they think about new protagonist Jyn Erso? Listen to this week’s Tosche Station and find out!

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May the Force be with you all!

Alexander Suffolk is a 20-something living a hella cool life in California. His hobbies include complaining about how little he’s writing, missing college, judging his peers, and seeking validation for his life choices. His favorite video games often involve guns, magic, or both. He has a small shrine built to George R. R. Martin. He can’t tell if he wants to be Don Draper, Walter White, or Rick Grimes when he grows up. He believes the original “Star Wars” trilogy to be the best movies ever made, period, and he’s willing to fight you over that fact. To the death. With a lightsaber.