Top Ten: Things You May Have Missed In The Dark Knight Rises

10. Joseph Gordon -Levitt Becomes Robin

Yeah, I know it seems fairly obvious and carries the majority of the weight behind the closing moments of the film, but you’d be surprised at how many people didn’t realize that John Blake, or Robin Blake, becomes THE Robin, as in Batman’s partner and sidekick. Not only did the film reveal his real name, but it shows Blake swinging across a ravine into Bruce Wayne’s bat cave. He then steps up onto the main platform, which rises just before the movie fades out and the credits roll. I know the movie isn’t called The Boy Wonder Rises, but if that isn’t a set up for another film or two…or three, then I don’t know what is.

9. What Did He Say?

It’s no secret that Bane, the main villain played by Tom Hardy, is a little hard to hear at times during the film. The muffled and digitally remastered voice is supposed to give the audience the feeling that Bane is trapped beneath the mask, and has become who he is as a result of his pain. Regardless of the plot relevancy, it doesn’t change the fact that a majority of moviegoers most likely uttered, “What did he say?” at least a couple times during the film. Warner Bros. is well aware of the problem, but director Christopher Nolan is hesitant to change anything about the film. Having no intention of completely reworking the dialogue and audio, Nolan has said that he will only alter it slightly and that he won’t have a new cut of the movie for a few months.

8. New Bat-Signal

When the movie concludes and Bruce Wayne is “dead,” Commissioner Gordon climbs to the top of the police station, only to find that the Bats-Signal spotlight has been magically repaired. Although the Batman’s time has ended, it’s a bittersweet way for Bruce Wayne to let Gordon know he is still alive and well.

7. Robin Logo in the Stands

I didn’t notice this one until it was pointed out to me, but any old comic book fan will know the font when they see it. As seen in the film, and also the trailer, this Easter egg occurs in the hauntingly brilliant football stadium scene in which a young boy sings the national anthem. As the fans cheer in the background, a group of excited sports fanatics hold up letters spelling out “Rogues”. The ‘R’ on the leading sign is distinctly similar to the ‘R’ that is used in the Boy Wonder’s logo.

6. A Clean Slate

One of the final scenes depicts Alfred sitting down for his yearly meal at the same café in Italy. He glances up and sees Bruce having a meal with Selina Kyle. This affirms that the “clean slate” device worked and Selina is free to start a new life, presumably at Bruce Wayne’s side.

5. Foley’s Last Stand

Matthey Modine plays Deputy Commissioner Foley, a proud and arrogant cop who ends up in hiding when the final confrontation with Bane draws near. Commissioner Gordon urges Foley to join the fight, rather than cowering on the sideline. He says, “I’m not asking you parade down Main Street in your dress blues.” In the end Foley comes around, leading the charge in the final fight against Bane and his militia. And yes, he is suited up in his full dress, an ironically beautiful end to his character arc.

4. Judge Jonathan

Cillian Murphy returns as Jonathan Crane, better known as Scarecrow from the first film, Batman Begins. He made an appearance in the second film, The Dark Knight, but only briefly during the opening sequence. He returns in TDKR as the presiding judge during martial law, after everything goes to shit of course. He might only play a very small role in the last two films, but it’s a nice bonus to fans of the entire trilogy. So, shall it be Death? Or Exile?

3. Gotham Rogues (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Sports fans might recognize the stadium in the football scene as Heinz Field, home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It also helps that the Gotham City Rogues are garbed in the same home team colors as that of the Steelers. Looking even closer, it can be seen that the player running back the kickoff is actually Steelers wide receiver, Hines Ward. During the live shoot, there were real explosions going off around him, adding a bit of realism to the very heavy CGI work. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Ward admitted, “I’ve run scared before, but I really ran scared that day. They told me, ‘Don’t look back.’ I felt the explosion when I was running.”

2. Robin at the Masquerade

Upon some intense observation during the scene with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, director Christopher Nolan throws in yet another Robin reference. In the closing moments of the scene you can see a masked man dancing behind Bruce Wayne, touting the familiar Robin mask and baring a striking resemblance and similar facial structure to that of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

1. Robin and Knightwing

Remember the scene where (Robin) John Blake is talking to the kid at the boys home who continues to draw bats on the pavement with chalk? I know I wasn’t the only one who didn’t think those were very good looking bats. Later, Blake also ends up drawing bats around Gotham while the city is under martial law. Well, flip that “bat” upside down and now what? That can’t be a robin could it?

In the long history and somewhat confusing lore of the DC universe, Robin later becomes the superhero Knightwing after growing weary of being Batman’s trusty sidekick. As a respected new superhero, he gets his own brand new logo as well. Now let’s go one step further. I took the original chalk bat and spliced it together with the upside down chalk robin (removing the wings) and lo and behold, a figure that seems amazingly similar to that of Knightwing’s new symbol, a superhero who was the product of both Batman and Robin. How’s that for symbolism?


Alex is 22 years old and is currently working on his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Interactive Multimedia. As an enthusiast of all forms of media he loves music, movies, and games. He likes to keep up to date with what’s happening throughout the world of science and technology but wishes that he had more time to actually sit down and read a good pleasure book. Alex plays trumpet and sometimes thinks that he was born in the wrong decade. His favorite video games include the franchises Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Legend of Zelda, Uncharted, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls. You can contact him at
  • Mmm

    John Blake doesn't become Robin or Nightwing. His name just happens to be Robin as a little nod to the DC universe. He becomes the new Batman…he gets the final shot, rising up on that platform towards his destiny hence "The Dark Knight Rises" title card at the end. That's why the bat signal is repaired by Wayne (and also as a indicator to Gordon as you say). I also think it's obvious to everyone that the clean slate tech worked when they see Selina and Bruce at the end. Anyone missing that probably did so cos they were tearing up.

    • Justin Allen

      dude he has zero fighting skills, he cant just "be the new batman" they wouldnt go as low as "batman beyond" thats lame as fuck. his name is robin because he IS robin. thers ony 1 batman and thats Bruce Wayne

      • aaryan

        thats right…the new batman thing is bullshit…..robin blake is the ROBIN

        • mushi

          The perennial gay couple Batman and Robin

    • Anonymous

      Explain why there is a dark knight rises night wing poster? and google night wing dark knight rises and john blake pops up… bruce wayne is the batman ever since existence batman isnt john blake he didnt go through the league of shadows for nothing and ever think its called dark knight rises cuz it says it when he escapes the prison. i thought it would be batman and robin then i saw the "random" poster and realized in the history robin becomes nightwing

      • Anonymous

        and all the posters and trailers say "the legend ends" … I think all the night wing stuff is a hint to a new movie just based on night wing and plus nolan isnt directing it anymore…

    • Robin hood

      You guys are dumb have you guys read what the Dc Universe is going to do they aren't going to make another batman movie so its obviouse that Robin is going to become Robin Hood.

  • danrml

    Blake definitely doesn't become Robin. The Robin name drop was a cheesey joke. Blake is becoming Batman. That is why Batman insisted all along it didn't matter who he was. Anyone could be Batman, because Batman was a symbol. He isn't Bruce's partner. Bruce is out of the game for good, living the rest of his life with Selina.

    • justin allen

      quit dreaming

    • ddjj14

      he wasn't becoming robin, he was robin THE WHOLE TIME. he couldn't be batman, batman is batman. think about it, Blake was a younger detective who aids the dark knight. sound familiar? that's cause he was robin.

    • mushi

      Yeah believe me , Bruce is so pathetic … he’ll spoil his “good life” with that hot ass pussy only to join the game of Gotham once again … i wish joker comes back to teach the retard a lesson… bitch why so serious?

  • Brandon

    Shut up you guys, he is becoming robin

  • Vasthako

    In fact, if he became Nighwing he can turn to Batman… like in the comic

  • MMM

    I think Blake is becomig Robin

  • Tyler

    or maybe batman beyond

  • I don't think it necessarily matters what his secret identity is, just the fact that his story is not over and there will be more movies. Christopher Nolan gave Warner Bros. a good place to go after he finished his trilogy. There's both Robin and Knightwing references in the film, but he does swing into the BAT cave at the end while Bruce is away in Italy. I'm sure anything could happen, Warner Bros. just has to decide which direction they want to go.

  • nikelso

    Well, I will be laughing my ass off if he's becoming the new Batman/Nightwing or whatever withour proper training…..and speaking of training, how did Bruce suddenly become so strong again with the upperhand in his fights, after being in exile in 8 years?….Doesn't make sense..

    • Dude

      Upperhand in his fights? Well, he didn't have the upperhand, and got his ass (and a broken back) handed to him by Bane.

      After he's exiled in jail, there are many shots of him doing crazy amounts of pushups and situps to get in shape to make the climb out of the jail, so it's obvious that he's repairing his body and making himself better in preparation for leaving.

      So… it totally does make sense…

  • joke

    we'll see together and hope's that christopher nolan will make a good figure to next batman project..

    the knightwing or the new robin??

  • gooper

    The "Rogues" sign you've pictured from the trailer actually isn't in the movie.

    • If it's in the trailer then you can be sure that it's going to be in the extended edition/director's cut. It's still part of the movie, whether it's in the theatrical release or not.

  • Shane

    Obviously Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) becomes Robin. Come one everyone…. And it's freaking Wayne enterprises, are we really concerned about whether he'll be properly trained to be a superhero? I mean, did no one see the whole mechanical super-legs tech Wayne enterprises has? Do we think Robin will have to fight with ninja skills only, in his classic spandex long-sleeved acrobat suit? He will be armored, and have super awesome tech like batman that makes up for whatever limited training he has time to complete. Also, Alfred gets up and leaves after confirming Wayne's survival, I'm guessing he's in the cave waiting for JGL (with Robin's suit) in the beginning of the next movie.

    So sweet. They picked a good Robin! For anyone that still thinks he will not be Robin, shame on you.

    Oh, and far as Bruce healing so fast and getting strong- it wouldn't be a superhero movie without depicting what a superhero's determination can accomplish in desperate times. That is shown when Bruce heals so thoroughly from an out of place vertebrae. For anyone that has experienced ruptured or torn discs in their back, it is not something you can turn around from so quickly (and sometimes never), especially while hanging from a rope in a cave without the proper instruments to speed up the recovery. Again, he is a superhero and while he may have no real super powers, his determination is superhuman.

    That movie was so much better than I expected!

  • climber715

    all the steelers are in the movie

  • Marc

    Dick Grayson is batman's adopted son, he eventually became batmans partner as Robin, he retire his identity of robin and becomes nightwing, others replaced "Robin" robin was a position as batman's partner in crime. Batman disappears and thats when Dick Grayson comes to gotham and took up his mentor's Identity (Bruce Wayne) as Batman. When Dick was the identity of Batman he had a new accomplice of Robin, the second Robin was Jason Todd, Bruce returns and Dick Grayson (Robin) return as the identity of nigthwing affiliated with the "Teen Titans" Jason Todd stayed as Batmans partner when Bruce came back, Jason Todd (Robin) dies because of "The Joker" and comes back as "The Red hood"__Note:Dick Grayson was an acrobatic performer, havent you guys seen the old batman movies or read the old comics? _Guys watch the old tv shows made in 2000 its all there. __Dick was adopted when he was 16.__Jason Todd was a street orphan batman encountered with when he was trying to steal tires from the batmobile. _Spoiler****Harvey (two-face) is not dead, because Jason finds out harvey killed his parents.__so enough arguing, dont argue when you dont know the DC Universe. :) youre welcome

    • justin allen

      to bad thats not his name in the film

  • pedro

    empezemos porque ningun robin se ha llamado realmente robin, o es dick, o jason o tim… segundo.. ya es un adulto en casi sus 30.. todos los robins son adolecentes y llegan hasta 20 años mas o menos… es una simple broma anexada a la trama.. para que muchos idiotas ignorantes crean que es robin y no batman y se confundan…. los que no saben de comics no deberian tener permiso de escribir

  • Hyf5

    if some one could answer this for me …… doseany body think that the lovely lovely voise ( the kid at the stadium ) …. Is Acully … Young Wayne ? .. at the "Batman Begins" ?

  • freddman

    First of all, its. NIGHTwing. Not knightwing.

    Robin was just his name. Nolan said he wasn't going to make anymore batman movies and Bale said he didn't want to be in a batman and robin movie. So, that being established, he can't be "Robin the boy wonder" because that would be a stupid idea all around. Why would you use your Legal name as your superhero name?? A Nightwing movie is more likely to happen. If not, then a new batman movie without Bale as a lead. DC canon can't be used here for its a movie and goes with its own story.

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  • Miroozy

    Guys're missing the idea of the whole movie and the ending ..
    as Nolan used to do such he did in Inception..
    he's trying to say that there will be a superhero matter his name was ..or his true identity

    so Blake is gonna be superhero ..another Dark Knight..not as batman..but as the Night Wing ..Robin..or's just a symbol of justice ..

    and unfortunately I don't think there will be a movie for the Night Wing although I hope they make one..

  • joe blow

    Idiot… he "was" robin.

  • joe blow

    Idiot… learn to spell Pittsburgh!

  • Batgirl

    Nightwing*. If it was Knightwing, he would be an entirely different person. Read a comic book.

  • Raoe

    It can go either way. In the comics, Nightwing eventually became Batman twice, one in the early 1990s and again in 2009 to 2011. It can go either way.

    I think its safe to say that the whole set up was to say that he will become the next Gotham protector and yes, I feel that John Blake was essentially Wayne's Robin throughout the movie and his personality and back story is composed of the first 3 Robins (Dick, Jason, and Tim).

  • Too captivating sharing. Your provide really carry some of significant matter. This dark night related content really impressive. I be aware that Nightwing became Batman twice. Any way, Congratulations for your informative sharing.

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    • Steve t

      When Blake holds up his police shield as he he is evacuating the kids onto the bus (on the bridge), the nightwing emblem is clearly visible on his shield!

  • Steve t

    When Blake holds up his police shield as he is evacuating the kids onto the bus (on the bridge), the nightwing emblem is clearly visible on his shield!

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    Well said.

  • LonnyZone

    He’s clearly “Robin” in the film as Batman’s younger helper who is also an orphan. In fact he’s Batman’s answer to Miranda Tate being Ra’s al Ghul’s “immortality”. But watching it again, Blake’s actual suit (jacket, shirt, tie, slacks) is in Nightwing’s colors. Whatever he chooses to become after the end of the film he’ll pick up the mantle where Bruce left off. Also, Bruce wouldn’t have fixed the Bat-signal unless it would be used to call him. I think Blake did that himself or maybe Alfred’s helping him now. Alfred would probably still be welcome at Wayne Manor.