Top 10 Favorite Scenes From The Twilight Saga

I remember it just like yesterday. I had just left a concert with friends, and we were excitedly heading to the theater to catch Twilight at midnight. We were all totally and gleefully obsessed with everything sparkly vampire and shape-shifting wolf. We were simply too excited to see our one of our favorite stories portrayed on the big screen. It’s no doubt that we loved every single second of Twilight and its sequels. Sure, the saga isn’t known for being, well, good. It has some terribly cheesy moments. But despite all the camp, there’s a love and appreciation for what the story and fandom has done for all of us, Twilight fans. (In reality, The Young Folks wouldn’t have ever existed without it!)

In honor of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 hitting theaters on Friday, we share our favorite scenes from the Twilight saga so far.

10. Bella and Edward’s Wedding and Honeymoon (Breaking Dawn: Part 1) – I know this isn’t just a scene but a half of a movie. I decided to cheat and clump it all as one, since it is one big piece of fluff. Bella and Edward’s wedding and honeymoon are what fans have waited to see for years. The wedding was breathtakingly beautiful, more than I envisioned it to be when I had read it. Fans questioned if they would also get a “fade to black” sex scene like the book frustratingly did during their honeymoon. Not exactly. Director Bill Condon did a fantastic job giving us a sweeping, tasteful and romantic love scene, even with the feathers and headboard breaking. I’m not sure anyone could’ve done it better.


9. Bella Saves Edward in Volterra, Italy (New Moon) – Who can forget Bella running through that sea of people in red cloaks as she tries to get to Edward before he commits suicide? It was one of the biggest moments in New Moon. Even though fans already knew how it ends, we were still holding our breaths as Bella sprinted toward Edward. It’s one of starkest and brightly filmed moments in the saga. All the scenes in Italy pop out in my memory so vividly.


8. Edward Proposes to Bella (Eclipse) – I remember being squeezed into four seats with six friends at the midnight showing of Eclipse, and we were all fanning our tearing eyes during this scene. Edward’s proposal is easily one of the most romantic moments in the saga. Sia’s My Love playing while Edward and Bella spend a night alone in his room, and of course, Edward’s stubbornness when it comes to retaining their virtues, leads to a real proposal and an acceptance from Bella. It was sexy, sweet and meaningful. I know that every time a Twilight fan listens to My Love, they sigh.


7. Bella Kisses Jacob (Eclipse) – Team Jacob fans rejoiced when Bella kissed Jacob atop that snowy mountain in order to stop him from endangering himself in battle. While how misleading it was, it’s definitely one of the big “love triangle” moments. Director David Slade did a great job with that scene, it ended up being a lot more visual and striking than I thought it would be.


6. The First Time Jacob Shifted into a Wolf (New Moon) – This scene debuted in the first trailer for New Moon, and everyone was freaking out seeing Jacob shift into a wolf. I love the way it’s choreographed, with Jacob jumping over a scared Bella to defend her to the rest of his pack. It’s a BIG moment in the saga and totally unforgettable.


5. Charlie Gives Bella the Sex Talk (Eclipse) – The saga tends to take itself too seriously, at times. So the moments of comic relief are always very welcomed. That’s where Charlie Swan comes in. His character is mostly used for comedic purposes, and actor Billy Burke does an awesome job at those dry one-liners. My favorite scene of his was when he attempted to give Bella the” safe sex” talk. It made us cringe, but laugh at his and Bella’s discomfort. Classic Charlie Swan moment. (I can’t wait to see him react to Bella as a vampire.)


4. Vampire Baseball (Twilight) – It might be considered one of the most preposterous things to come out of Twilight. Vampire baseball, really? But that was one of the scenes that I, along with so many fans, was eager to see in the movie. Set to Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole, it totally lived up to our expectations. It was fun, cool and a great break from the moodiness.


3. The “Spider-Monkey”/Bella’s Lullaby Scene (Twilight) – Another much-anticipated element of Twilight was hearing Bella’s Lullaby. For months before its release, fans were imagining how Edward’s Bella-inspired song would sound like. I really loved how Carter Burwell’s music was incorporated into this scene, when Edward takes her flying to the tree tops. Catherine Hardwicke takes advantage of the scenery and it’s hard not to get swept away with all of it.


2. The Meadow (Twilight) – Bella finally confronts Edward about his un-human-ness. Of course, he tries to scare her away with his fast moves and sparkles. Obviously, it didn’t work. This scene is probably the most memorable, if not most significant of the series. It basically is what turns everything all around. Bella and Edward decide to be together. We have the famous “lion and lamb” quote. The meadow is also a very important place. Every movie comes back to it, and Hardwicke did a beautiful job of creating it.  In a lot of ways, the meadow has proven to represent more than a flowery field. I won’t be surprised if the last scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 ends in the meadow.


1. Bella Turns into a Vampire (Breaking Dawn: Part 1) – First, I’d like to thank Bill Condon for making Bella’s transformation one of the most visually striking and best scenes I’ve seen, not just in Twilight, but anywhere. The montages, imagery and music during her transformation were perfection. It all came together in that moment; everything that has happened in these movies has led to this scene. You see that with the montage, and it hit me how pivotal and necessary this moment is for the story. In the book, I didn’t feel that. Yet, in the film, Condon completely wowed me.

Honorable Mentions! It was very hard to narrow this down to only 10 scenes! There are a lot of moments I love from the Twilight saga. Here’s a few more special ones that almost made the list: Bella and Edward’s First Kiss, Bella and Edward’s Dance at Prom, Victoria Chase Scene in New Moon, The Cullens Save Bella from James in the Ballet Studio, Bella Goes Cliff-Diving, Edward’s Surprise Proposal at the End of New Moon, and The Battle in Eclipse.

Here’s to hoping that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 delivers some amazing scenes to add to our favorites! Look forward to our review of the final Twilight movie later this week, but in the meantime, share your favorite Twilight saga scenes with us, either in the comments below, on Twitter (@TYFofficial) and/or Facebook

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