Top 10 Fast & Furious Characters Who Should Return


Note: Spoilers for Furious 7 Are Included.

Since the arrival of Fast Five in 2011, the Fast & Furious franchise has taken it upon itself to create a shared cinematic universe of characters and worlds that could crossover and intersect at their own will. The remarkable thing about this phenomenon that Fast Five transformed the series into is that it all happened on the fly, through a sequence of events that only came together through outside circumstance and luck. Unlike so many other series’ that try to force a universe upon audiences before they’ve had the chance to become attached to it, the Fast movies used what they had already established to create a super group of loveable car junkies, and in doing so created a precedent that they could move forward with a solid foundation of characters while picking and choosing elements of the past to return to. But not all characters are created equal, and some have been left in the dust while others were made series regulars, so lets take a look at the Fast & Furious characters that time has almost forgotten (some for good reason).

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