Time Traveling Bong at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival


Broad City is the voice of a new generation: one where kids turn to adults, drunken hijinks are the new norm, mimosas and bloody marys are never too early to drink, and of course, traveling around a city that’s huge and rather stereotypical in its ways. This is what a millennial calls normal, and the creators behind Broad City has brought us a new future, present, and past to see what it would be like when the 21st century mixes with time.

And that’s why Broad City director Lucia Aniello, along with writing and romantic partner, Broad City co-star Paul W. Downs, and star Ilana Glazer, came together to make Time Traveling Bong. Originally written in 2004 for a College Humor video, Glazer brought up the idea with Aniello and Downs (who made Paulilu Productions together). Given the title of the mini-series, it would make perfect sense for its premiere to be on April 20 (do the math).

As for what the series is about, we got the chance to talk with Glazer, Downs and Aniello at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Glazer described the series as a hypothetical situation that’s “stupid but smart” with the implications it goes through. She, as well as Aniello, made sure to mention that there wasn’t any political or social intentions in making the series, but it does go into detail about how much of a leg up Downs, as a white man, has in the times the series goes through, as opposed to her.

Check out our interview with Glazer, Downs and Aniello below and watch the trailer as we wait for Wednesday’s release.

Ilana Glazer Interview:

Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs Interview:

Time Traveling Bong trailer:

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