Three Big Justice League Trailer Takeaways

The San Diego Comic-Con is wrapping up, but not without a bombshell released by DC and Warner Bros. today. The first trailer footage for the Justice League début, along with a trailer for Wonder Woman. The huge news from today marks the second year in a row where DC is the talk of Comic-Con. Last year it was the Batman v. Superman lengthy trailer that was released. So what did we learn from this early footage of Justice League? Here are three big takeaways:


Seems like Bruce might be in need of a clean shave. The trailer starts out with what appears to be Wayne looking for Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman. He’s in some abandoned fisherman’s warehouse. Clearly Aquaman isn’t hiding underwater, so he must be acting as a civilian living on earth. Wayne is actually doing the in-person recruitment, as Bruce Wayne, not Batman. Might not have been the best method to recruit Aquaman, who nearly takes off his head in the clip.


Is the DC Cinematic Universe going soft? Probably not, but the trailer suggests the characters seem to be a lot more jubilant and “jokey”. It’s the formula that Marvel has been running with for a long time; colorful, fun and charismatic characters. DC has obviously done the opposite and stuck to the brooding, dark and serious tone of their films, however, this might be the first film that really embraces the humor.

The trailer interaction between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen (The Flash) is an indication that some gags will be present in the movie. Allen has a very Peter Parker-ish vibe to him. It might be the route they chose to go with him, just as the Avengers did with Parker. I don’t feel like that will take away from the already established tone of the DC Cinematic Universe, it’s more of a fun additional wrinkle to please a bigger audience.


The costumes and the character’s look great. Cyborg is pretty badass. The Flash looks a little too much like mini Daredevil (why Ben Affleck? Why?), but still cool. Jason Mamoa just has the perfect look for Aquaman. Batman and Wonder Woman still have the same look/outfits from Dawn of Justice.

Are we missing anyone? Oh yea, that Superman guy! No sign of Superman in the trailer. The trailer concludes with the new assembled group walking together side-by-side, yet no sign of the Man of Steel. This might be a strong indication that we won’t see much from Superman in this movie. Batman seems to be the driving force of Justice League. Are they saving Superman for the very end of the film where he makes his return? Possibly. Even though he’s featured on the poster image they released with the footage, I doubt we will see much of Henry Cavill’s Superman in this movie, and that’s actually okay.


This was a really cool 2:45 second trailer début. We get to see all the expected new characters such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. The trailer indicates that humor is going to be a lot more prominent in this film than Dawn of Justice. Bruce Wayne/Batman is clearly in charge of the recruiting process. No villains were shown, which is a good thing, that they aren’t giving too much away. The trailers ruined Dawn of Justice by giving away Doomsday and revealing major plot lines. What this Justice League trailer accomplishes is it is adds the early buzz and anticipation for the movie in a time where the positive reviews of Dawn of Justice Extended Cut DVD is receiving praise, as well as upcoming releases of The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad. DC is ending the summer in a strong way.

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