This Just In: No Kill Bill 3 (Probably)


It’s a sad day for Quentin Tarantino fans when it has been (almost) completely stated that Tarantino will not be making the third installment to the Kill Bill series as he had once promised.

Known for his fickleness, Tarantino has stated that, “I don’t know if there’s ever going to be a Kill Bill Volume 3. We’ll see. Probably not though.” That information is as most recent, from December 14.

But don’t lose all hope yet! While Tarantino did concur with the information below, it’s still information. And now with Django Unchained released and getting some mixed reviews (yet having earned $64 million in just its first week debut), he now has all the time he needs to finish the script and start filming in time to meet his self-proclaimed deadline of 2014- ten years after the last sequel.

Tarantino promised a while ago that he wants the film to take place 10 years after number 2, when all the characters are a bit more mature and when he would actually start shooting. So while still little is known about progress, be rest well assured fans, since the film will probably be made. Tarantino has been saying this for years now, and it quite still makes sense to today. “Oh yeah, initially I was thinking this would be my ‘Dollars Trilogy.’ I was going to do a new one every ten years. But I need at least fifteen years before I do this again. I’ve already got the whole mythology: Sofie Fatale will get all of Bill’s money. She’ll raise Nikki, who’ll take on The Bride. Nikki deserves her revenge every bit as much as The Bride deserved hers. I might even shoot a couple of scenes for it now so I can get the actresses while they’re this age.”

But news and progress is still a bit shaky since Tarantino spoke little about the film at the San Diego press conference for Django Unchained. He has stated that he does want to follow up on his promise with the ten years, but still little is known.

There has also been some speculation that Tarantino might want to make the film in 3D, so this way, you can really feel the blood splatters when you’re watching the film. Tarantino has been quoted as saying, “I was thinking of 3D after I saw House of Wax. I’ve always like 3D, so if I had the right stories, for instance if I could do Kill Bill over again, I’d be tempted to do it in 3D.”

And with the possibility of making the film, many wonder who else Beatrix (Uma Thurman) might have to fight. David Carradine has died in the recent years, which leads fans to ponder how Tarantino would get around showing Bill or flashbacks to him. But there is also some rumor saying that Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) might return since she is looking for revenge and did not die. Tarantino said that, “Well, you know, I didn’t kill her, so as far as we know, Elle Driver is still in the Kill Bill universe waiting to get her revenge..I don’t know, I haven’t let myself go there yet, but she is in the world out there so that could happen.”

Also, in a Italian talk show, Tarantino has declared that he will follow up the Kill Bill series with the ten year break from the second movie, for two reasons mostly. He wanted to give Uma Thurman a well deserved break, as well as give The Bride ten years to raise her daughter.

If you want to, watch the interview below, where Tarantino answers the question all his fans have been waiting to hear- he will make the third sequel.

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