The Top 10 Biggest Letdowns Of 2015

Bare in mind that these picks are not for the worst films of the year, simply those with massive potential that I felt could have been better.

10. Tomorrowland


After how incredible Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol turned out to be, the conventional wisdom was that Pixar maestro Brad Bird could go on to direct just about any live action film he wanted. “A film based on a theme park land, why the hell not?” Well, as it turns out, there’s a few good reasons. While by no means a terrible movie, Tomorrowland is sorely lacking the style and soul that made his previous films such masterpieces. There’s just not a whole lot going on for a great deal of it. There’s an overwhelming ‘Disney Channel Original Movie’ vibe running through it, with the cartoonishly plucky Casey (Britt Robertson) generating oil and water chemistry with George Clooney doing his “mean old man” shtick before turning into a bland charity case. Then, in the third act, the movie stops and turns on a heavy handed  “everybody’s gotta work together” powerpoint presentation, but gives us nothing to emotionally invest that message in. Beyond a couple of inventive action sequences, this is one futuristic Sci-Fi that would have been even been dated fifteen years ago.

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