The Movies That Freaked Us Out As Kids


Horror movies don’t sit well with me. I’ve tried some of themto try and up my “cool cred” to very little avail. I sat through ten minutes of High Tension, while trying to impress a boy before I said “screw this” and made him turn it off. I struggled through a half hour of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre before it was turned off for me. I stealthily covered my eyes throughout most of Scream  (how embarrassing, I know) and tried my hardest to fall asleep during The Uninvited.

I don’t like straight-and-out horror, obviously.

Sometimes though, it isn’t the scariest movies or the blood soaked movies that truly freak us out. Sometimes we’re caught in a weird mood or it picks at something specific that makes the hair on the back of our neck stand up and, often, it’s because we watched a movie or scene that freaked us out as kids.

So, with that said, here are films that scared us over here at The Young Folks when we were younger. Laugh at us, agree with us, what have you, let us know in the comments!

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  • Julie Wood

    There are some movies that scared me real bad, and ones with animals are scary such as Gremlins and Critters! And Steven King’s IT! TOO Scary.