The Greatest Wedding-Themed Movies of All Time

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Weddings are often a popular staple for light and warm-hearted comedy fares and over the years we’ve enjoyed plenty of feel-good wedding-based comedy movies. There have been a plethora of Hollywood flicks revolving around the wedding day itself, the bride groom and those quirky guests; either way these cinematic ceremonials are always good fun to indulge. So if you’re ready for a getaway with your guy or gal, your bridesmaids or even your future in-laws, watch your way through our list.


This hugely entertaining comedy from 2005 saw Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as a couple of cheeky wedding crashers. The dynamic duo show up at weddings under false pretences in order to eat, drink, dance and meet as many vulnerable hot chicks as they can- what more could anybody want? A big winner with both critics and movie goers, even 10 years on it’s still relevant and amusing. You may also be forgiven for forgetting the fact this was one of Bradley Cooper’s big breakthrough roles when he took up the part of the hot headed jerk boyfriend.


Another breakthrough act and this time it’s Adam Sandler who stars in this unforgettable flick as wedding singer Robbie Hart. When Robbie’s own wedding day falls apart it causes a serious effect on his vocal performances until he meets Julia (played by the delightful Drew Barrymore). The two of them spend lots of time together planning Julia’s wedding, only for it to finally dawn on her, in true Hollywood fashion, that the real love of her life is the broken- hearted circuit entertainer Robbie himself.

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A slightly more heart-breaking romp has got to be P.J. Hogan’s effort ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. Julia Roberts stars as Julianne (not confusing at all) who, along with her best buddy Michael, (Dermot Mulroney) agree a pact that if they are both still single by the time they reach 28 then they will marry each other. Unfortunately for Julianne, Michael has slightly different ideas as he announces that he will marry 20 year old Kimberly (Cameron Diaz) leaving poor old Julianne moping consigned to the realisation that her last chance at true love has passed. Well something like that.


Hailed by some critics as one of the funniest comedies of all time, this excellent effort directed by Paul Feig and written by comedy star Kristen Wiig sent everyone into hysterics following its release in 2011. Epic performances from Wiig and co-star Melissa McCarthy (the latter earned an Oscar nomination) are accompanied by solid back-up from the enthusiastic supporting cast making Bridesmaids one movie that thoroughly deserves repeat viewings. Owing to the success of the film, wedding fever seemed to captivate most of America and the UK, with the title spawning a number of bridesmaid-themed TV shows, merchandise and even a bridesmaid online slot game.

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