The Best Science Fiction Films of the Last 10 Years


I love science-fiction. I love it even more when it’s at its absolute best. In recent years, science fiction has been substituted for dystopian teen dramas or superhero fanfare. While both have their merits (avid superhero fan right here), science fiction films and stories are a beast of their own when done with skill. Oftentimes, they’re more than just an excuse to use CGI or fling familiar faces into space. Behind most of these films is an allegory that is talking about the human experience, simply on a grandeur scale. With the release of Ex Machina on April 10th, we thought we’d look back at the last ten years and see which science fiction films have left its mark. There has been more high-quality films that one may have assumed and if there’s one problem I have (and it’s a biggie), it’s how I couldn’t find any directed by women,

Check out our list below and let us know what your favorite science fiction films have been as of late!

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  • Julie Wood

    The only I do not like is Her-I thought it was too weird, but I like the Star Trek movies and the Edge of Tomorrow was so good! I will have to see Super 8 again! I like that movie.