Ten Films to See at TIFF 2015


The Toronto International Film Festival brings close to 400 films from around 70 countries every year. In terms of diversity and quality, TIFF is second to none. Based on the July 28 announcement of the galas and special presentations, these are the top ten films I’m looking forward to the most at this year’s festival.

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Josh is a film critic who probably spends more time watching movies than you spend not watching movies. His tastes are unabashedly snobby and he tries to watch and promote Canadian films (despite the fact that most of them suck). Josh is currently taking a double major in philosophy and film studies. He also likes to point out why your opinions are fallacious by quoting the definition of ad hominem, ad populum, and ad nauseam. Notice how he just used an Oxford comma? He’s kind of pretentious like that.
  • Mitchell Finlay

    you know in Room it’s a mother and her son… not daughter… lol

    • Josh Cabrita

      You are correct, sir. Fixed!