Susanna White Will Direct Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’

Variety reports that “The Host” will be directed by Susanna White. For those not familiar with “The Host,” it’s Stephenie Meyer’s only novel outside of the “Twilight” series and is about a woman living in an alien invaded Earth.

The adaptation was originally supposed to be directed by Andrew Niccol (“Lord of War,” “Gattaca”). However, he has penned the script for it. White has directed “Nanny McPhee Returns” and TV mini-series “Generation Kill.” Nick Weschler will produce the film.

So when will production start on “The Host?” The Twilight Lexicon offered their input:

“Note there are some websites claiming that production is starting this spring, that has not been confirmed. In our opinion, we would not think the production will really get underway until May, at the earliest, as Stephenie Meyer is fully embroiled with Breaking Dawn filming until then. She has been hands on with the Twilight Saga movies and most likely would have the same clout on The Host movie, especially since it’s a small indie company doing the project.”

I’ve read “The Host” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m curious to see how Niccol adapted the story and what White ends up creating for us. “The Host” may not perform at the same level as “Twilight” has in the box office, but I think it will do well nonetheless.

Sources: Variety / Twilight Lexicon

Are you excited to see “The Host” become a film?

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