‘Spare Parts’ Inspires Moviegoers

Starting off the new year, everyone is inspired and motivated that this year will be the year when their best self will reach its full potential. But being that it’s the third week of the month, many have already fallen short on their promises. If you need an incentive, head to the theater tomorrow to see Spare Parts. Let this movie, that’s based on true life events, awaken your encouragement to get back on track.

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega share the big screen for the first time together.

George Lopez talks about building “Stinky,” the original robot used in the competition,  from pool noodles, a briefcase, and even tampons.

Marisa Tomei laughs about slapping George Lopez in a scene they share.

Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her brief scene with regional Mexican superstar Gerardo Ortiz.

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