Shia LaBeouf Parties Hard in First Trailer for American Honey

A24 has been on top of it this year. Their studio has been a shining star in the industry, taking in more of the diverse and controversial material. So far, they’ve released The Witch, The Lobster, and Green Room all to critical acclaim. And with 2016 only being halfway through, they’ve released a trailer for another one of their future releases, American Honey.

American Honey stars newcomer Star Lane as an adolescent girl who joins a traveling magazine sales crew. Along the way, she experiences sex, drugs, and law-bending. She finds young love in Jake (played by Shia Labeouf), a guy who has “bad-boy” written all over him. The trailer has drugs, guns, and sex accompanied by a catchy techno song in the background. Despite the music choice, it’s the opposite of lighthearted. It focuses on a girl’s  struggle to find herself and who she wants to be.


American Honey premiered at Cannes earlier this year. Even though critics were divided, the film still managed to take home the jury prize. At a whopping two hours and 42 minutes, it will surely be the road trip of a lifetime.

No release date has been confirmed.

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