See Werner Herzog’s Fiery New Trailer

Hot on the heels of Werner Herzog’s last documentary Lo and Behold, Netflix has released the trailer for the platform’s own Herzog doc, Into the Inferno. From the trailer, this looks like Herzog in top formit contains dramatic, heavily accented narration and stunning visuals from around the world. The documentary also has a characteristically grandiose premise, self-described as a global exploration of the relationships between people and volcanoes. 

Into the Inferno seems like a kind of foil to Lo and Behold. Inferno, as Herzog says in the trailer, follows the magic of the natural force that is plate tectonics, while Lo and Behold chronicled the mysterious, and some would say magical, developments in technology across the world. As much as Lo and Behold championed human’s ability to create a complex and sub-material system, Inferno seems to be a reminder that our very existence is a precarious allowance, one that could easily be blown up by the heat beneath our feet.

Even for those who don’t consider themselves documentary fans, I encourage you to check out Into the Inferno. Herzog is famous for creating exceptionally artful documentaries. His films never resemble TV news pieces, they are cinematic experiences as complex and developed as any feature film. From the trailer, Into the Inferno looks to be yet another exceptional movie from the infamous German director.

Simone is a contributor to The Young Folks.