Pottermore’s Patronus quiz is here!


After much teasing, JK Rowling released her long-awaited Patronus quiz on Pottermore.com on Thursday. Fans immediately logged on to find out what animal form their Patronus would take. The quiz takes you through a forest (presumably the Forbidden Forrest), while asking you questions like “who” or “why”, and “seek”, “protect”, or “serve”. Each quiz is different, and the amount of questions you get can very on how long it takes to respond. There is a growing list of results you can get, with animals ranging from a Python to a Buffalo. On rare occasion, a user can get a magical creature as their Patronus, like a hippogriff or a unicorn.

Naturally, our staff took the quiz. Here are our results, and our reactions. One common theme throughout them? We wish there was an explanation on why these animals are our Patronuses.

Gaby: The quiz itself is beautiful, that I actually enjoyed taking the quiz much more than getting my result, which is a Marsh Harrier. The one thing I love about Pottermore quizzes is reading the description of your results, but for some reason, we didn’t get this here. I never heard of a Marsh Harrier before, so I had to google it and figure out for myself why I would have that Patronus.

Melissa: I got a Brown Hare! Would’ve liked a dog or a dragon, but alas, I’m a bunny! My co-workers and I loved the set up of the quiz! It felt like we were there, and I loved the music.

Camille: So I’m a Dolphin. Yay? Taking the quiz was a fun, interactive experience but afterwards I was a bit let down. I wish I got the meaning behind the answer, like the answers from the quizzes that sort you to a Hogwarts house. But alas, it is not so. So yay I’m a dolphin? *closes the quiz window with a cloud of confusion*

Allyson: I’m a Siberian Cat… which, in fairness, I’ve been described as cat like before but I don’t know if it was very complimentary. I too wish there had been a description explaining just why this was what I was matched with but hopefully it just means I have cat like agility and am regal and not just a pain in the ass. The quiz was beautifully put together.

Cristina: My Patronus is a Dapple Grey Mare! As everyone else mentioned, I also wished there was an explanation or meaning of the Patronus itself. But, oh well! It was fun to do!

Hannah: I’m a Lynx! Apparently they’re solitary creatures who avoid humans, so, y’know, accurate!

Justin: My results said that my Patronus is a St Bernard. I’m happy with my animal. I didn’t know what I’d get and, after seeing some of the possible results, I’m happy I ended up with a dog. I raised a dog so it made me smile; though, getting a Jack Russell would’ve been sweet. Similar to everyone else, I would’ve liked an explanation why.

Reagan: I got a Brown Owl! It was such a beautiful quiz with the graphics and the simple questions. Not quite sure how I relate to an owl, but I can hope it’s because I’m wise.

Brian: My Patronus is a Heron! At first, I was a little bit disheartened. But then, I remembered that according to Pocahontas, “the heron and the otter are my friends”. Additionally, JK Rowling revealed on Twitter that her Patronus is a Heron as well, so if it’s good enough for the queen, then it’s good enough for me.

Share your results and thoughts in the comments below!

Brian is a 23-year-old Ohio native film and talk show enthusiast. He is a student at The Ohio State University, and will graduate in December with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications. He serves on the university’s activities board, planning programming, lectures, and special events for the university’s student body. In his spare time, he can be found searching for post-grad employment and giving friends lectures about film production updates and celebrity gossip. He eventually hopes to produce films, host a talk show, or both. If those endeavors fail, he will settle for being a ride operator for Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Park.
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  • Maria Blomkvist

    I got wildcat, is that a special wild breed or just generic? Loved the test and looking forward to finding out more about my awesome patronus.