Pixar’s 16 Movies Ranked from Worst to Best


Despite no one seeming to have been clamoring for it prior to its announcement, Finding Dory is swimming its way to theaters this Friday, June 17th (to what appears to be good reviews) and in preparation we took a look back at Pixar’s 16 previous film and ranked them. Done through a poll held for the sites writers, I set out with this task assuming the answers would all relatively be the same (as was the case with or Marvel ranking). Instead, it would seem that Pixar films are rather divisive with some films being placed in 12th by some and the number one spot by others. The only thing we could seem to all agree on is our absolute disdain for Cars 2.

For the entirety of it’s run (most of it) Pixar has been a beacon of light in the big studio world, proof that original, conceptual ideas didn’t just work, they excelled in the cinematic universe

Take a look below of what was ranked where and let us know in the comments what your favorite Pixar film is.

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