Ordinary World: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Stars in Feature Film

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer and guitarist for the punk rock band Green Day, has been quite the busy bee. Even with Green Day’s twelfth studio album Revolution Radio slated for release on October 7, he somehow managed to find the time to star in a feature film. Either way, fans of the singer’s rambunctious career are bound to have one exciting October, with Ordinary World premiering just a week after the band’s new album reaches stores.

Ordinary World follows the story of former rocker Perry (Billie Joe Armstrong), who’s adjusting to family life and working an ordinary job at a local hardware store. When his attorney wife Karen (Selma Blair) and daughter forget about his 40th birthday, his brother Jake (Chris Messina) decides to help him relive his former glory days by throwing a giant punk rock party. This night of celebrating his forty years on Earth takes an unexpected turn, however, when he runs into an old flame/his former band’s manager Christy (Judy Greer).

Ordinary World will premiere in theaters and be available on demand on October 14. It should also be noted that Billie Joe Armstrong himself wrote original songs for the film’s soundtrack. Be sure to check out the trailer below and let us know if you’re excited to see the front-man of punk rock make his leading debut on the silver screen, or if you’re just coming around to hear Armstrong sing some new music!


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