Nick Kroll Interview: Adult Beginners


Hello-Ally here! I’m new to this so be kind (or not, I suppose). Last week Nick Kroll stopped by the Boston area to promote his new film Adult Beginners (which I’ve reviewed here) out in theaters and VOD now. Take a listen to hear about what he had to say about comedians, Rose Byrne and new challenges that come about when leading your own film.

On working with Rose Byrne he said:

She was the first person we went to to play my sister and obviously we wanted to cast that sister role first because it’s the most central to the movie working or not. There a lot of talented comedic actresses out there, but she’s just so adept at both (comedy and drama). We got very fortunate that she wanted to do it. I think she identified with the siblings relationship, she’s the youngest of four as well, I think she just connected with that element. There was just something that felt very familiar to her without putting words in her mouth. We just got very lucky and she happens to be super f*cking cool. She was game, we put her in a freezing pool for two days with no heater. The heater at the pool broke. She didn’t complain about anything, she was just a pleasure to work with.”

Make sure to check out the full interview below and to check out Adult Beginners.

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