New Poster and Teaser for John Wick 2


New material was released for John Wick 2, and appears that Mr. Wick has obtained a new dog- muscular, grey, and a far cry from the beagle that set off the plot of the first film.  In addition to a larger dog, the sequel has beefed up its cast- adding big name actors Laurence Fishburn and Ruby Rose.  Keanu Reeves reprises his role as Wick and former stunt-man Chad Stahelski returns to the directors chair.

From the teaser it looks as if a bit of the grit and quirk of John Wick were wiped off revealing a sleeker tone, seen in well fitted suits, black matte cars, and lavish European parties.  The plot follows a newly un-retired Wick as he becomes entangled with old acquaintances and dangerous fellow assassins.  Stahelski gained critical and festival attention for his debut’s strange blend of action and arthouse.  From the first trailer for Wick 2 it seems likely that he will be able to create a franchise in this unique sub-genre.

Reeve’s repertoire seems to be drifting artier and artier since the last Wick film in 2014.  In addition to Wick 2, he appeared in mega-gore auteur Nicholas Refn’s The Neon Demon, and Ana Lily Amirpour’s new film The Bad Batch, he also signed on to Sundance favorite Shane Carruth’s forthcoming The Modern Ocean.

Hopefully John Wick 2 can meet the high bars set by its intriguing trailer, the success of the first film, and by the prestige of Reeve’s recent work.

Teaser below:


Simone is a contributor to The Young Folks.