Nerdland at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Now in its 15th year, the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival has offered thousands of filmmakers their chance to showcase the hard work they’ve placed on their passions. Whether it’s any first time writer or director, to the iconic, multi-award winning actor and producer, Tribeca has given these people a venue for their work, and it has blessed the film community in terms of releasing their film, as well as having audiences to watch it.

Kicking off our Tribeca coverage is Nerdland, a film written by Andrew Kevin Walker and starring Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt and Reid Scott. Directed by Chris Prynoski, whose previous works include other animated series such as Turbo FAST or Moonbeam City, the film stars Rudd and Oswalt as John and Elliot, two up and coming  late 20-year-olds who realize their passions of yesteryear are dead and they’ve done nothing with their lives. Jumping over various obstacles that get in their way, they’re stubbornly adamant about getting famous and doing anything to get there.

Walker is known for writing dark classics like Se7en, Sleepy Hollow and The Wolfman. In his first animated feature film, we asked him why he decided to write about these two millennials and add some dark context, all the while in animated form. It was particularly striking that he chose this route, along with working the Prynoski duo — Chris and Shannon — who are the founders of Titmouse. Together, their company has made multiple animated series, including The Venture Bros., China, IL, Superjail! and of course, Moonbeam City and Turbo FAST. 

You can watch our interviews with Walker and Reid Scott below, and be sure to check out the trailer for this hilariously sinister film.

Andrew Kevin Walker:

Reid Scott:

Nerdland Trailer:

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