Marvel News: First Trailer for Captain America: Civil War Is Here


For my fellow night owls, we just got a surprise treat in the form of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, who had with them in tow not just the first official poster for the film, but the very first trailer as well. There has been plenty of speculation about when this trailer would drop, with the release coming up this May, and with many (including myself) expecting to see it premier before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the perfect time for Disney to capitalize on two of it’s biggest properties. Luckily for fans, we got it early, and the trailer packs a lot of punch and a lot of thrills in it’s short running time.

I can’t say I was all too thrilled with the first announcement that the Marvel movie universe planned on taking on this particular storyline. I didn’t like the version in the comics, and as someone who has come to love many of their characters onscreen counterparts, wasn’t ready to see any of them turn on one another. What’s fun about the films so far has been seeing these big and broad group of characters comes together and work as a team, I’m curious to see how the film will pull off tearing them apart.

I’m also not sold on Bucky, but hopefully that will change.

That being said, this trailer captured my interest rather quickly. I, admittedly, am a through and through Marvel fan (the movies at least) and it takes very little to get me excited about their upcoming projects, but this trailer made sure to get right down to the heart of it all. We get glimpses of the debut of Black Panther, hints of what sides the characters will be on (it’s safe to assume that Scarlett Witch, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Bucky will all be team Cap), and even a sense of tragedy with shots of an out of costume Steve Rogers being attacked, and Tony Stark holding an unconscious Rodey. Few characters will be making it out of this film unscathed.

Check out the trailer and some screenshots below.

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