Colossal ‘Jurassic World’ News

The release of Jurassic World is less than a month away and we could not be more excited here at! I’m sure we’re not the only ones– the trailer has over 19 million hits on YouTube and that’s just the beginning. We’ve got a bunch of goodies for our readers including a fun video extra from InGen, a link to purchase your tickets in advance and a Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker App. In the video, we meet the scientists at InGen and get a little insight in regards to what it’s like working at InGen. Check out all the fun new released items and footage for Jurassic World below.

icon175x175The new Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker App is so much fun. First of all, it’s FREE, so don’t worry about any bogus app nonsense. The app basically lets you have fun with your photos on your phone and add in life like dinosaurs to your photos! How cool is that? Every dino fan needs to have this in their life.

Here are some movie stills to get you through the next month… you’re welcome!

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To purchase advanced tickets to see Jurassic World, click the link and let us know where you’ll be watching! Jurassic World is in theaters June 12.

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