Joss Whedon Discusses His Vision For Star Wars Episode VII

By now, it is common knowledge that J.J. Abrams is multi-tasking between two star-titled and star-bound franchises with the rebooted Star Trek film series (Star Trek Into Darkness comes to IMAX on May 15th and conventional theaters on May 17th) and the first of the three planned Star Wars sequels. He has even been a consultant for Iron Man 3!  How much more could Abrams possibly do! With many directors of the likes of Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), Jon Favreau (Iron Man), Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and the upcoming, Pacific Rim), and Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) rumored for the director’s chair with many turning down due to other projects. Rumored candidate, Quentin Tarantino went as far to say, “I could so care less. Especially if Disney is doing it.” Other directing candidate, Joss Whedon (The Avengers and the television show, Firefly), spoke about what Episode VII would look like if he had been chosen to direct.

Whedon told Digital Spy in an interview that he wouldn’t bring back the original cast because he didn’t want to, “ go back. I’d go forward. I would want to create characters that would resonate the way that [the original trilogy’s characters] did.” Whedon said that he wasn’t completely opposed to the idea of having old characters return and that it would be exciting but t, “I also feel like I would want to explore a very different part of that universe.” Whedon said that should the original characters appear in the film that recasting wouldn’t be an option and that he, “would never want to do. Some things may not be rebooted.

I, myself, am quite happy with how it is turning out with Abrams, but I also think Whedon’s approach is very admirable because he wants to try and make the kids of today feel the way the kids of the 70’s and 80’s felt watching the original Star Wars movies. But I know that both Abrams and Whedon are qualified and to know that the movies are in either of the hands is comforting. All around I was never a huge fan of all six Star Wars movies, and I never was part of the fandom. But I always enjoyed Episodes 4,5, and 6, and I have warmed up to the idea of the new trilogy.


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