Interview: Nicholas Sparks, Britt Robertson, and Scott Eastwood on the ‘The Longest Ride’

The Longest Ride1I sat down with Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, and Nicholas Sparks to talk about their upcoming film, The Longest Ride. This is Nicholas Sparks’ tenth film adaptation. Tenth! You might be thinking this story will most likely consist of the usual Sparks formula. The one where the first half of the narrative is light, carefree with two lovers whose passion makes them feel infinite, but as soon as the hour mark strikes, their world is turned upside down by some tragic news, and all those delightful scenes you enjoyed in the first hour are clouded over with darky, gloomy ones in the second half.

There is definitely some angst in his latest flick, but what makes this one special, and what kept me interested, is the fact that it’s not just a tale of two lovers, but a tale of two different couples, separated by time. One tells the story of Sophia (Britt Robertson) and Luke (Scott Eastwood), while the other tells the story of Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin). One takes place in the world of bull riding, while the other takes place in the world of art. There are two stories in two different times, but Nicholas Sparks effortlessly combines these two worlds to tell one epic tale of love.The Longest Ride2

Check out the interview after the jump, and see Nicholas Sparks talk about what made him want to tell a story such as this one, how Britt and Scott related to their characters, and see each of them tell us why we should tune in to watch The Longest Ride!


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  • alicia szemon

    I want to see this movie so bad!!!

  • Jojams

    Great interview! Nicholas Sparks is an excellent writer.