Interview: Natalie Martinez talks ‘Self/less’

We got the chance to speak with Natalie Martinez, one of the stars of the new movie Self/less. The movie primarily focuses on the theme of immortality. What if you had the opportunity to have more time on this Earth to fulfill your destiny? What if it wasn’t just through works that you could become immortal? A building, a song, a book, can all be left behind in your name, but do you actually feel immortal? Selfless gives us a glimpse of what a world looks like where humanity has a chance to answer and fulfill the question of living forever. As you can imagine, it’s messy, dangerous, and not at all a selfless act.

Watch the interview below and see Natalie Martinez talk about what drew her to the project, how she prepared for her role, what she would do if it came to choosing everlasting life, and, of course, what her favorite Cuban dish is!



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