Interview: Linda Cardellini on ‘Daddy’s Home’

If you’ve already watched Star Wars one too many times in the past few days and are in need of a holiday-spirited movie this weekend, Daddy’s Home should do the trick. Linda Cardellini (Bloodlines, Freaks & Geeks) stars alongside comedy duo, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, for an entertaining feature that is both silly and heartfelt.

Cardellini plays Sarah, a woman who seems to have the perfect life with her two bright kids and her loving, family-man husband, Brad (Ferrell). Everything is fine up until her ex, Dusty (Wahlberg) comes back into the picture because *spoiler alert* Sarah’s children are a result of her whirlwind romance with Dusty back in the day.

Thus, a rivalry between father and dad begins. It’s a crazy, but hysterical ride that will satisfy you this holiday weekend. Below, watch Cardellini talk about her experience on set, working with Will and Mark and more!

Daddy’s Home opens in theaters December 25.

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