Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine in the first teaser for Logan


If there’s any one superhero that has begun to possibly wear out their welcome over the years it’s been Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. While Jackman has always delivered committed performances as the character he has grown into an easy cameo or cash grab, being one of the studios most popular-and easily marketed-superheros. However, it would seem that 14 years in as the character that there’s still room to surprise as the first trailer for the upcoming Logan shows us, offering us an older, even more world weary take the character. In a universe where it appears that mutants of Logan’s kind are on their last steps, he finds himself in the company of a young girl who shares similar gifts. Patrick Stewart is also back and along for the ride as Charles Xavier and with an R rating, hopefully we’ll finally be allowed to see a Wolverine centered film that pushes all the limits that the character allows for.

The trailer (and poster before it) are both more captivating than one might imagine for a hero so overexposed, and if director James Mangold (who also directed The Wolverine) can achieve any of the mysterious and somber tone of the trailer, we might have another surprise hit-both critically and commercially.

Time will tell with the film being released March 3rd, 2017. 

Watch the trailer below.


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