Hopes for what Batman Vs. Superman sets up for the DC cinematic universe!


It’s finally here! Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice premieres in theaters this Friday. The long gestating follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel, and the set up picture to next years Justice League film is only one day away from being unleashed. While I still anxiously await for the lights to dim in my viewing on Friday, here are my hopes for what this film sets up for the future of Warner Brothers DC Cinematic Universe!

Core Group Relationships

I going to go against the grain and declare that I have been on board with every single casting choice for this movie since day one. Each announcement brought me more curiosity, excitement and intrigue into what kind of picture this team was going to make. Once the cast was established, my questions turned to how they were going to work together. Not because I thought that these people couldn’t, but because I wasn’t sure what kind of portrayal of these characters they were going for at the time. Now that trailers have dropped and we have gotten a glimpse at what is to come, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about where this core group will end up at by the end of the film. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are the key members of the Justice League and in order for this film franchise to work, their interactions together need to feel right. That job is on the actors Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot. What I am not worried about are the individual performances. Cavill proved to be the perfect Superman in Man of Steel and Affleck has only gotten better with age having turned in great performances in The Town and Argo over the past couple of years. The unknown commodity is Gadot who we have really only seen in the Fast and Furious franchise, but if her performance from those films showed anything, it’s that Gadot can act in an ensemble, which is certainly what this film needs. Saying all of this, my main hope is that the chemistry between our three leads is solid. I want to be as excited to see these actors play off of each other as I am to see Robert Downey Jr. play off of Chris Evans or Mark Ruffalo. I know that kind of chemistry is developed through working together across multiple films, but I’m hoping at the very least that Batman vs. Superman can establish the tone that these versions of the DC Super trio are going to have with one another.

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