Five must see coming of age stories set in fantasy films

The Fall

Without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite movies of all time, this is truly a masterpiece from Tarsem Singh. Gorgeous visual tell the story of a recently paralyzed stuntman Roy (Lee Pace, captivating) telling the story of his movie to a Mexican girl Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) whose father has just died and lives in the same hospital. While the story within the film is colorful and full of fantastical elements, it gets dark and darker as Roy’s desperate desire to kill himself leads him to trick Alexandria into stealing him morphine. Tarsem has often been criticized for putting his visual style (undeniably strong) above narrative and characters. But in The Fall, they all work together in perfect synergy, allowing the emotional honesty of Pace and Untaru’s relationship to bleed into the operatic events of the fantasy story.

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