First Teaser Trailer for Jackie


The teaser for new movie Jackie, about first woman Jackie Kennedy Onassis, hosts a stream of striking visuals, crowds reflected over Natalie Portman’s sublimely expressive face, a single cellist in a gilt decorated hall, and the retro arc of a 1960’s airplane’s internal structure.  Though the movie will surely be recognized for its impeccable art direction, insofar attention is largely directed at the film’s striking premise and buzz worthy cast and crew. 

Jackie approaches the shooting of John F. Kennedy through Mrs. Kennedy’s eyes.  The film takes place just after the assassination, and follows the First Lady’s efforts to maintain her presence of mind as the world around her slips into shock and despair.  Though films have been made about Kennedy’s childhood, his military career, and violent passing, Jackie is the first to take a personal perspective on the national tragedy that catalyzed an era of unprecedented social unrest in America.

In addition to showing a new bent on a familiar topic, Jackie hosts a number of distinguished names. The film stars Oscar winner Natalie Portman who, including Jackie, is acting in nine upcoming films.  The film costars the luminescent Greta Gerwig, who previously worked with Portman in 2011’s No Strings Attached.  Director Pablo Larrain, famous for No, is also making an imprint on this film season with two movies, Jackie and biopic Neruda, both being released in early December.

Whether it’s famous names, a provocative subject, or simply filmic beauty Jackie’s first trailer holds something to draw even the busiest movie goers to the theater this winter.

Simone is a contributor to The Young Folks.