Finding Her Voice Episode Two: How to Make an American Quilt

How To Make an American Quilt, Winona Ryder, 1995

How To Make an American Quilt, Winona Ryder, 1995

Hello and welcome to TYF’s newest podcast series, Finding Her Voice. Joined by editor in chief Gabrielle Bondi and film and television writer Alana Jane Chase, we’ve come together to highlight, celebrate and discuss films directed by women. From the very best and most significant in the cinematic canon to personal, under-seen favorites, our hope is to touch upon as many films and talents as we can that may be undervalued and/or hopefully provide listeners to more options to add to their “watch list” for the 52 Films by Women Challenge.

A monthly podcast, the three of us will pick one film that we (ideally) haven’t seen before, watch the film and then come together to discuss at length our general feelings of the film, how the female perspective possibly added to the overall atmosphere and our thoughts on the current (not so great) status and representation of women in film.

Our second pick was the 1995 film How to Make an American Quilt directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse and starring the always wonderful Winona Ryder. Despite our excitement going into the film it didn’t quite reach our expectations-mainly due to an ending that seemed to negate the lessons Ryder’s character, Finn, had been learning throughout the film. Despite this there was still a lot to talk about including tangents regarding how the historical film canon is built and the pressures of how a woman is expected to behave once a wife and/or mother.

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Finding Her Voice – Finding Her Voice: Episode Two- How to Make an American Quilt

Episode three will focus on Mira Nair’s The Namesake (a personal favorite) as well as male coming of age films from the female perspective. Have you seen the film? If so, what should the focus of our discussion be? If not, watch it on Amazon in July and tweet us at @TYFofficial or comment here about what you thought about the film, and we can include your comments and thoughts.We can’t wait for new discussions to unfold.

**Also noting a blunder on my end. Things We Lost in the Fire is directed by Susanne Bier. Sorry for the mistake**

What’s the best film you’ve seen in 2016 directed by a woman?

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