Finding Her Voice Episode Three: The Namesake


Hello and welcome to TYF’s newest podcast series, Finding Her Voice. Joined by editor in chief Gabrielle Bondi and film and television writer Alana Jane Chase, we’ve come together to highlight, celebrate and discuss films directed by women. From the very best and most significant in the cinematic canon to personal, under-seen favorites, our hope is to touch upon as many films and talents as we can that may be undervalued and/or hopefully provide listeners to more options to add to their “watch list” for the 52 Films by Women Challenge.

A monthly podcast, the three of us will pick one film that we (ideally) haven’t seen before, watch the film and then come together to discuss at length our general feelings of the film, how the female perspective possibly added to the overall atmosphere and our thoughts on the current (not so great) status and representation of women in film.

In episode three we talked at length about Mira Nair’s The Namesake, a film all three of us seemed to adore. Nair created a coming of age film that proves that you’re never done growing or learning and that the “coming of age” process is only a small step in life’s journey. With a superb cast a world that feels warm and welcoming to onlookers, this adaption is one of the very best of it’s genre. It also helps prove, along with films such as Monsoon Wedding, that Nair deservedly wears a moniker as being one of the best filmmakers today. I certainly cannot wait for Queen of Katwe to be released later this year.

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Finding Her Voice – Finding Her Voice: Episode Three- The Namesake

Make sure to tune it at the end of the month for our fourth episode which will cover Céline Sciamma’s Girlhood, a monumental triumph. Along with the film (playing on Netflix if you’re looking to watch alongside us) we’ll be talking about films that have depicted friendships between teenage girls. For films on this topic to explore, check out Bend it like Beckham, Sisterhood of the NightBreathe and more. Consider this a starting kit.

What film directed by a women are you most anticipating in 2016?

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