Finding Her Voice Episode Five: We Need to Talk About Kevin & The Piano


Hello and welcome to TYF’s newest podcast series, Finding Her Voice. Joined by editor in chief Gabrielle Bondi and film and television writer Alana Jane Chase, we’ve come together to highlight, celebrate and discuss films directed by women. From the very best and most significant in the cinematic canon to personal, under-seen favorites, our hope is to touch upon as many films and talents as we can that may be undervalued and/or hopefully provide listeners to more options to add to their “watch list” for the 52 Films by Women Challenge.

A monthly podcast, the three of us will pick one film that we (ideally) haven’t seen before, watch the film and then come together to discuss at length our general feelings of the film, how the female perspective possibly added to the overall atmosphere and our thoughts on the current (not so great) status and representation of women in film. To listen to old episodes, go here and make sure to check us out on ShoutEngine and find us and rate/review us on Itunes!

Apologies for the lateness on our fifth episode but I ran into quite a few issues with my technology. Recorded at the end of September, Gaby and I talked about subversive motherhood in film, specifically, Lynn Ramsey’s We Need to Talk About Kevin (2012) and Jane Campion’s The Piano (1993). Both Campion and Ramsey are some of the best the cinematic world have to offer, continually presenting complex female characters in their films that are worthy of both celebration and critical anaysis. We dive into the parental relationships in the film as well as touch on what made each such landmark critical successes.

October see’s us diving into scarier territory as our theme is female directed horror films. To join in on our discussion watch The Invitation (2016) and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) both of which are on Netflix.

And if you’re braver than us, The Babadook (2014) is apparently a must watch.

Thanks again for tuning in. We welcome all feedback.

Finding Her Voice – Finding Her Voice: Episode 5 – We Need To Talk About Kevin & The Piano

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