Film news: Carey Mulligan reunites with Refn in “a sex thriller” that takes place in Miami

Carey Mulligan will reunite with director Nicolas Winding Refn from ‘Drive’ in a film called ‘I Walk With The Dead’. So far the movie has the financing in place from French investors, and will start filming after Refn finishes ‘Only God Forgives’ that stars Ryan Gosling also from ‘Drive’. Furthermore, Refn is also reuniting with Gosling in the remake of ‘Logan’s Run’.

Mulligan already completed filming for ‘Shame’ and is currently filming Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’.

There isn’t that much known about ‘I Walk With The Dead‘ besides the fact that its being called a “sex thriller” and that it takes place in Miami that according to Refn will have “lots of sex in it”.

I’m excited to see Refn reuniting with both of the main characters from ‘Drive’ and see Carey take roles like this one that in a way challenge her image so people don’t always typecast her as the “good girl” in films. And three times even more exciting is the fact that they’re going to film it in my city of Miami!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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