Directors of Cinema Episode 10: Steven Spielberg


Welcome to a historic episode of Directors of Cinema….at least from a numerical standpoint. To celebrate our 10th episode, we discussed the one and only Steven Spielberg. Although the topic was motivated by the recent release of The BFG, Spielberg was on the mind of the guest panelist for weeks prior. Hosted by Matt Goudreau and co-host Jon Winkler, the boys do their best to cover the majority of Spielberg’s works in an hour timeframe. Within the episode, they answer questions such as:

  • Has Spielberg ever “phoned it in” on a particular film?
  • Does Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull deserve its reputation?
  • Does nostalgia make it difficult to judge Hook as a film?
  • Are Spielberg’s “personal films” as important as his blockbusters?
  • Why does Matt love Lincoln so much?
  • Where would we be today if it was not for Jaws?
  • What is the most underrated film in Spielberg’s canon?

Thank you to everyone who has listened to us so far. We look forward to providing more episodes in the not too distant future!

Directors of Cinema – Episode 10- Steven Spielberg

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