DEFINE Podcast: Diversity in the DC Extended Universe


The Young Folks is proud to present a new podcast that hopes to take part in the ongoing discussions on diversity in the film and television industry.

DEFINE: Conversations on Hollywood & Diversity is a monthly podcast hosted by yours truly with special guests Allyson Johnson and Melissa Berne. Our goal with DEFINE is to discuss diversity and fair representation on film and television in-depth. We hope to deconstruct stereotypes, inform audiences and do our part to help make our voices louder, so our demands can be heard and seriously considered. We want to encourage audiences to seek out better examples of representation, while also joining us in our fight for equality on-screen, as well as off-screen.


Our second episode’s main topic is the DC Extended Universe. With the recent release of the much talked about Suicide Squad, we are dedicating this episode to the film as well as other DC films and TV shows and how fairly they depict diversity in their properties.

We mention everything from the misogynistic treatment of Harley Quinn’s character to how The CW incorporates race into their DC superhero shows.  We also touch base on recent diversity news with our segments. This includes the “TYF Spectrum Award,” where we each name an individual/studio who made a huge stride recently when it comes to inclusion and fair representation, and “SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS,” our chance to close out the show with recommendations of shows or movies that showcase diverse and inclusive values.

Listen to the episode below.


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Next month, we will be tackling Fat-Shaming Culture: Asking Why “plus size” actresses are always the butt of the joke. We’ll discuss the new Bridget Jones film and other recent film examples that criticize female characters, especially in this way.  Thanks for listening!

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