‘Deadpool’ Trailers Arrives, Just in time for Christmas!

The Christmas season may have come and gone, but it seems that Marvel has a final present for its fans.


After amping up its release via social media, two new trailers (one green band, one red band) released Christmas morning for Deadpool. The film has received a great deal of hype from comic fans, featuring a return of the beloved foul-mouthed hero. At the same time, many have panned early footage, feeling that the early trailers looked mostly juvenile and uninspired.

These latest trailers offer a little more insight into the film’s storyline, which appears to be rather simplistic. To be honest, I am a fan of this approach, as too many superhero films feature a sort of larger than life scale. A simple revenge tale is a good way to showcase Deadpool’s eccentric personality and the character’s backstory.

 My overall impressions of the trailer are somewhat mixed, but the film has a great deal of promise. There are a few gags present that are quite funny, but also a few that feel very juvenile. I am somewhat concerned that the trailer may be showing its cards too early, giving away some of the film’s more memorable moments. This is especially the case with a few cameos towards the end. 
 Both the red band and green band trailers show, for better or worse, a very faithful adaption of the character. Ryan Reynolds looks like he’s having a blast in the role, and the kinetic, over-the-type violence is amusing. I am hopeful, but we’ll have to wait and see till February 12th to see if the film is worthy of the hype.

Red Band Trailer:

Green Band Trailer

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