Dawn of the Dread: Watch the ‘Dead Rising: Endgame’ Trailer


Crackle may not have the same level of a following as fellow streaming services Netflix and Hulu, but that’s not to say Crackle doesn’t have its own fair share of unique properties to check out. Last year, Crackle released the film Dead Rising: Watchtower exclusively on its streaming service platform. Based off the popular Dead Rising video game franchise, the film was met with enough success to warrant a sequel, which will arrive this June in the form of Dead Rising: Endgame.

Set directly after the events of the first feature, Endgame follows reporter Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) as he’s investigating the events of East Mission, Oregon. With the town infested with zombies, and nobody offering an explanation as to where they came from, Carter wishes to find out exactly how it all began. However, doing so just might unearth a massive government conspiracy the likes of which he could never prepare himself for.

Dead Rising: Endgame is set to be available for streaming on June 20 exclusively on Crackle. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, Crackle is free to use and stream off of if you wish to watch both Dead Rising movies without the hassle of setting up a subscription account. Be sure to watch the trailer below and let us know if you’re interested in seeing what the Dead Rising film universe will offer next.

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