Call Girls And Baby Bumps Come Together on ‘Amateur Night’

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.30.00 PMGuy Carter is an award-winning graduate student of architecture. He’s got a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. The problem? He doesn’t have “his ducks in a row,” which only fuels his doubts about being a good father. Guy has been trying to find work in his field for a year, with no luck. At wit’s end, his wife Anne finds him a job as a ‘driver’ on Craigslist. Guy shows up for the interview thinking he’ll be delivering pizzas, but quickly realizes it’s a job driving prostitutes. With money too scarce to turn down, he goes for it– which is where he meets Nikki, the tough-as-nails, unapologetic sex worker, and her two hilarious and foul-mouthed cohorts, Jaxi and Fallon. As reluctant driver and protector — Guy is thrust into a world of rockin’ women and feeble men. Over the course of one wild and sordid night, and several ‘come-to-Jesus’ moments, Guy proves to Nikki- and himself- that he does have what it takes to be the responsible father his family deserves. We recently caught up with the cast for an interview filled with lots of laughs and crazy Uber experiences.

Seems like you had a lot of fun making this movie, three women running around town causing mayhem and kicking ass. How was your experience making the movie?

Ashley Tisdale: It felt like such a rush, it was seventeen days [in total] that we shot this movie, it was very short. I had so much fun working with these girls. Right from the start we started to work on the choreography and really got to know each other and got into our characters. First experience doing an indie and it’s such a great experience.

Janet Montgomery: It was nice that we had this dance rehearsal period, I’m used to [dancing] but I haven’t danced for a while, and suddenly — ok you’re gonna work with this choreographer, and I’m like ‘shit how hard is this gonna be?’ we haven’t had the proper chance to meet and all of a sudden we’re like ’Hi’ like a dance class together. It was cute because we were all giving each other looks like (mouths  ‘oh shit’) we were like full on dancers, like Bring It On or something. No backflips though.

Bria L. Murphy: I had fun because this was technically my first real movie. I had done a bunch of little stuff before but this is my first time really being on set with real actors and everything. It was a new experience for me. A little intimidating at first, but I had a ball.  They made me feel super comfortable. Everyone was super nice. It just worked.

What were some of the funnier scenes to shoot? Something that took forever to shoot?

Janet Montgomery: There was a house that we shot in, which was your house (points at Ashley), it was your character’s house, there were all these dildos everywhere, it was not an easy house to shoot in but also we were  just riffing and everything because it’s so silly. I’ve never laughed so much on any set.

Ashley Tisdale: Yeah, Joey and Lisa, the directors, just let us be so creative and improvise a lot. So a lot of the stuff we did, we’d just throw something in there. They made it really comfortable for us. You know in some of the scenes specifically we’re not wearing [much] clothes and you’re excited and it’s very different for us. You’re on a guy and you’re wearing barely anything and you’re doing this sort of dance number, and it was nice that the crew was very respectful and everyone was really great at comforting us.

Bria L. Murphy: I agree, I think the dance scene stuck out for me the most. Our house was just absolutely outrageous. I was like ‘Oh my god, every time we were changing, where did you find these?’

Ashley Tisdale: It felt like we were dancing for like two weeks.

Bria L. Murphy: It did! and every time we’d do it and be done we’d be like ok let’s cover up.


Bria L. Murphy: It’s a funny thing to us.

Janet Montgomery: It’s a funny thing now.

Bria L. Murphy: Everyone was so sweet and so respectful.

Nikki has a whole game plan going into this, do you feel that Fallon and Jaxi also have a game plan in their lives?

Ashley Tisdale: I don’t think Fallon has a game plan, she’s too much of a free spirit and goes to rock shows to think like that. She lives her life, she spends her money on clothes and rock shows.

Bria L. Murphy: Jaxi, I think she wants to be like Janet’s character but I feel like she doesn’t know how to. I feel like she looks up to her, she looks up to Nikki a lot but I don’t think she’s there yet. That’s her goal.

Have you ever had a crazy Uber experience?

Bria L. Murphy: I haven’t had anything that got crazy. I feel like I’ve had weird Uber drivers, everyone has. I had a driver take a picture of me and my sister and make it seem like he’s on FaceTime but really he’s got this still image of himself. I’m like what kind of app does he have? Very weird, I kept looking at him like ’I know what you’re doing.’ But nothing near what these characters go through.

Janet Montgomery: I’m actually quite like Nikki when I get into an Uber. I don’t want to talk, very stony, no more questions, my response is like this bitch don’t want to talk, just hit the road and go. There’s no need for us to chitchat. They ask if I want the radio, I don’t care, just go.

Ashley Tisdale: I haven’t had any crazy experiences, they just like to talk a lot. I just get annoyed. I’m usually doing something or talking [on the phone] and they’re like listening in on my conversation. Which is really weird. Some people you can tell more than others which is kind of strange, but nothing crazy.

To Ashley, a lot of the characters that you play have been tough and out spoken, this is one of the roles where you unleash a lot of profanity. Was that something new for you, and how does it fit your sense of humor?

Ashley Tisdale: It’s definitely new for me to use THAT word a lot. In my personal life, I use it sometimes but not nearly as much as Fallon does. When it comes to playing characters, I like to find something that is more… especially for this one, because it was so different. I felt like the look of her was very Kesha, so I listened to her music in the morning so that I’d get into it. So at 5am I’d be rocking out to Kesha music, like some rock star and I’d kinda stick out my tongue as my character, so I could start the scene in character. I think with the profanity, it was just something about her that I felt like I was more her. I wanted to make her very authentic and not try so hard at being that type of chick, so hopefully that came across.

Speaking about music, maybe this is a little too personal, but what is your go to strip song?


Janet Montgomery: I have a few.

Ashley Tisdale: What’s that one song? ‘Bandz a make her dance’?

Bria L. Murphy: Oh I have a few.

Janet Montgomery: Something with Notorious B.I.G.

Bria L. Murphy: A lot of hip-hop songs are pretty on point.

Janet Montgomery: Did we do our lesbian scene to “Purple Rain”?

Ashley Tisdale: Yes.

Janet Montgomery: Oh, I wanted it to be to “Darling Nikki”. They couldn’t get that. So then we had to do it to a different Prince song.

Bria L. Murphy: No way… If we made out to “Purple Rain” (shakes her head) that’s hysterical.

“Purple Rain” during filming? Or they added it in post?

Janet Montgomery: They asked us what song we wanted, I said “Darling Nikki” but they got “Purple Rain”.

Ashley Tisdale: There wasn’t a lot of talking, the over all thing was music. Other than that, everything that was the lesbian stuff was to music to make us move. Help out with the making out.

Bria L. Murphy: It was silent in the room too.


Have you ever played the word game where you find out your porn name by your pet and the street you grew up on?

Bria L. Murphy: I don’t know, I’ve had a lot of pets.

Janet Montgomery: It’s your first pet. Mine is Poppet Surrey. Mine is so weird.

Ashley Tisdale: Mine is Blondie Ironhorse.

Janet Montgomery: That’s good!

Bria L. Murphy: Mine would be Pearly Parklane

Do you think your characters have any redeeming qualities? They’re not the typical stripper/hookers the we see who use drugs and things like that.

Janet Montgomery: I think those are all stereotypes. There are plenty of girls who strip or whatever, who are putting themselves through university, who are incredibly smart and the way I see it, I think in this generation you should be able to do whatever you want.  That’s how I feel. I think what we’re doing [with this movie] is bringing a different look into the world. Fun girls who have dreams beyond this, who aren’t being exploited, who aren’t drug addicts.

Ashley Tisdale: This is a true story and these girls are real. Joey explained it to us, how these girls aren’t victims of wha they are doing. They are business women. Those were the cards that they were dealt and they’re running with it. That’s what he found so different from the experience.

Bria L. Murphy: Those girls are just about their money. Any time you hear about this it’s about the money or drugs or something else. But these women are like ‘we need to play these men and get their money’ it’s like a game for them.

Janet Montgomery: Nikki has many faces, she’s really in charge and she’s there for one reason; for the money.

Did Joe tell you any more details about his experiences?

Ashley Tisdale: He showed us pictures.


Janet Montgomery: We don’t really look like the real girls.


Ashley Tisdale: He told us about all his experiences.

Bria L. Murphy: One that really stuck out for me was when they got stuck at the biker bar. And that was like ‘oh my gosh’. They just went along with it from what I understand. They made it work and they got their money. I just couldn’t believe that they were in that environment. I would have been so scared.

Ashley Tisdale: My favorite was when I went to audition and they told me it was a true story and there was this squirting scene and that happened in real life. I was like ‘oh my god, that’s so crazy!’ I didn’t realize it was my part. I just read between the lines and there was a lot happening all at once. My agent and my mom also read my scripts and my mom read it and said it was fine. My agents were more worried about the nudity clause. What to show, what they can’t show. So that was what everybody was focused on. When we went to rehearsal I was like ‘oh dude Bria, that squirting scene you have is gonna be fucking crazy’ and she was like ‘Me?! that’s you’ and I’m like ‘Yeah right’ and she’s like ‘no seriously girl, that’s you’ and I literally called my mom. I’m like ‘mom did you know I have a squirting scene in the movie?’ and she’s like ‘oh honey, it’s just lube’ and I was like ‘you don’t even know what squirting is!’ I had to explain to her what squirting was. So yeah, that was one of my favorite true stories.


You must have a pretty comfortable relationship with your mom if you have these discussions.

Ashley Tisdale: She’s super down to earth and always read my scripts and gave  her opinion. I mean I’m thirty-one at this point. She’s like I think this is good, it’s different for you. I really do value her opinion but she didn’t know about some of this so I thought, you need to rethink this.

Lastly, did you take anything from the set?

Ashley Tisdale: I did, I kept that ‘moist’ t-shirt

Bria L. Murphy: Oh that’s so funny, everyone, even the crew had that t-shirt.

Janet Montgomery: I would have liked to have taken my white all in one thing. I could have worn it tonight.

Bria L. Murphy: As fun as my wardrobe was, I couldn’t take any of it. My shorts were literally in my crotch the whole time. And then there were these huge converse stripper heels. They looked awesome but they were horrible to walk in.

Ashley Tisdale: I remember waking up, after we had shot, maybe a month later and I’m looking at the images almost feeling like I was hung over. Just watching all this stuff that I didn’t remember.


Coming into these characters what did you discuss with the directors? What was true and actually happened?

Jason Biggs: They were pretty clear early on that this was a real story, that happened to them. Obviously some of the details are a bit different. Namely that it didn’t just happen over the course of one night. It actually happened for a while, which I think is more interesting. But for the sake of storytelling, it’s more fun to have it happen over one crazy night. For me, that was a huge part of the appeal of doing this, that it actually is their story. The fact that they are husband and wife. They asked me, I was approached to do the project first, but they asked me about Jenny, they said they were really big fans of her. They heard us do some interviews together. They have a lot of things in common with us. Even just these characters, this movie, it kind of rings true in a lot of ways for me and Jenny. We’ve had some experiences that parallel the story in a way. I thought that was really exiting to do with Jenny. I had to convince her (sarcastically), she’s very busy.

Touching base with that, the girls mentioned that they saw pictures of the real women. Did you get to see any of that?

Jason Biggs: No we didn’t get to see. What did the girls say?

They look nothing like the real women.

Jason Biggs: No we didn’t get to see any pictures. In terms of Joey and Lisa, we don’t look anything like them, I have the Joey kind vibe, right?

Jenny Mollen: Yeah.

Jason Biggs: Although personality wise, (to his wife) you’re …

Jenny Mollen: More the Joey.

Jason Biggs: More the Joey and I’m more the Lisa. I don’t remember seeing them (the pictures) but I love these girls in these roles. They are so great and I also love that..

Jenny Mollen: For whatever reason, when he was talking about it, were there that many of them?

Jason Biggs: There was one that he worked with. Janet’s character, but the others came into the mix at some point. But he had only one that he was responsible for.

To Jenny Mollen, your character was kind of isolated from the cast. Did you get to interact with any of them?

Jenny Mollen: No, not really. I came over once because I wanted and took an Instagram picture of Jason making out with Janet and me standing holding the baby watching. Other than that, no.


Jenny Mollen: I had a six month old. I was like ‘what? where are we?’

Having filmed this, do you have a new-found respect for this career?

Jason Biggs: New found, no, I’ve always had respect for it.

Jenny Mollen: Jason is a feminist, he grew up with women, always surrounded by women. I feel like you (looking at her husband) of all people would definitely not judge.

Jason Biggs: They are taking care of themselves. They are empowered, they are strong and work their butts off. Literally. I never really…

Jenny Mollen: Never really judged.

Jason Biggs: Before hand. So there was nothing new I really needed to be enlightened about.

One of the memorable scenes that we have with Guy is where he’s asked to washed the hardware, the detail that was done for that made it seem like there was a smell to it. How method did they get with that?

Jason Biggs: I think they were going for what they thought would be the most realistic looking thing, so they actually were a bunch of used dildos that they got from the strip club from customers…I’m just kidding. It was actually oatmeal. All things that you can actually eat. Literally, I think I did it in one take. It was just food based stuff that looked crazy. It looked so disgusting that, it didn’t smell bad at all, but it was so disgusting in appearance that it got my gag-reflex going for real. I started doing it as a joke at first, but then that motion, with the actual visual, it actually really got me going. I almost really did throw up.

Jenny Mollen: That’s really funny.

Jason Biggs: That’s really gross.

This movie also touches the fear that people have when they are about to have a family, will they be able to provide. Tap into that approach for your character.

Jason Biggs: Jenny and I had just had our son Sid a few months before that. Maybe he was eight months old, something like that. We still have all this anxiety, we’re new parents. But we were especially fresh at that point. There is this anxiety too with our profession. At least for me, I don’t know where my next job is coming from, or when. I’m not in the same financial situation as Guy my character, fortunately. I have health insurance, for example, you know. That sort of not knowing is heightened. The anxiety around it is heightened when you have a kid. It just automatically happens, just like that (snaps fingers) and I can densely relate to that when I was playing Guy. Jenny especially, she was a few months removed from actually having a baby.

Jenny Mollen: I’m still living in a state of constant fear. Unfortunately, it just comes with the territory. I wrote a whole book about it.

To Jason, Being that you’re the driver in the movie, have you had any crazy Uber experiences?

Jason Biggs: I don’t, Jenny has a crazy taxi story.

Jenny Mollen: I have a crazy taxi story. I was with some girlfriends, don’t judge me, I was on my way to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. We’re in the car, the guy is speeding. We’re in New York, these guys are pretty aggressive drivers anyway. You just felt the momentum, it was intensified to a level that was not comfortable for the passenger. All of a sudden a cop car pulls it over. Gives the guy a ticket. The guy then proceeds to step on the gas in the craziest way after he got the ticket. As he’s telling me that apparently it’s a rule that if a cop gives you a ticket for something you can’t get a ticket for the same thing within a certain amount of hours. So the guy is just peeling out, telling me that he does this professionally. He’s a racing guy, that he [supposedly] drove a car from New York to Florida in under three hours. The craziest shit ever.

Jason Biggs: You can’t do that. Not in three hours.

Jenny Mollen: Something along those lines, I was like get me the fuck out of here. I thought I was going to die. Literally, I’m dying. But I remember at the same time taking notes because I was thinking I’m gonna use this in my book.

Jason Biggs: Did you?

Jenny Mollen: I didn’t end up using it, no, but thought I might have.

Jason Biggs: What’s crazy about this story is getting pulled over in a cab. How many times…

Jenny Mollen: Never does that happen.

Jason Biggs: If you weren’t on the west side highway, you would have gotten out of the cab. If I was in a cab and he would have gotten pulled over, I’d be like ‘see ya buddy, I’m out’ but you’re on the west side highway, you’re screwed. I was in a taxi and we hit a bicycle. Boom, right over the car, and I was like, I went out made sure the guy was ok. Called the ambulance, he hurt his leg kind of bad. I stayed with him until the ambulance came but the cab driver had to stay and do paper work and I was like ‘deuces, (holds up two fingers)  I’m out. I gotta go to a meeting.’

Jenny Mollen: Wait…is that deuces? Because I thought (holds up both middle fingers) was deuces. This is the Beyonce deuces. This is the deuces to Jay-Z.

Jason Biggs: (Holds up two fingers) This is deuces Jay-B.


Amateur Night hits theaters August 5, 2016 and will be available on VOD/Digital August 12, 2016.

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