Books to Movies Giveaway Hop: Win a BIG Prize Pack!

The Books to Movies Giveaway Hop is the ideal giveaway for The Young Folks, since we deal with both movies and books. We especially love when our favorite books get adapted into movies. It’s an exciting process to watch.

So I decided to go through my room and root out all the Books to Movies things that I have and don’t really need. It’s quite a lot of stuff. Most of it is from Comic Con, other events, or stuff that publishers or studios have sent me. Well, I want to give it ALL away to one lucky person! It’s a combination of books, posters, samplers, bookmarks, pins, postcards and even limited edition 3D Glasses. Every thing is related to film adaptations of books (including comics) or vice versa.

One winner will receive the following prize pack:


  • Unknown (aka Out of My Head) by Didier Van Cauwelaert
  • Supernatural: Coyote’s Kiss by Christa Faust

Movie/TV Posters

  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2012)
  • Glee
  • Immortals
  • The Avengers: Iron Man
  • The Avengers: Thor
  • The Last Airbender
  • Breaking Dawn
  • The Walking Dead
Book Posters
  • Reckless by Cornelius Finke
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Zombies vs. Unicorns; Edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier
Miscellaneous Items
  • The Tower Chronicles pin
  • 10 Various Book Samplers
  • 10 Postcards
  • A Pair of Limited Edition Titanic 3D Glasses

To enter to win ALL of these prizes, fill out the Rafflecopter widget below. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you receive. Contest ends September 17th. A winner will be contacted via email on September 18th. The winner must claim the prize within 48 hours; otherwise, a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!


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Thanks for entering! Check out other giveaways in the Books to Movies giveaway hop here!

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  • Rachel Robertson

    Twilight is my favorite :)

  • Dominique

    Of Mice and Men! (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  • meganm922

    Game of Thrones on HBO is by far my favorite adaptation.

  • Erika

    Harry Potter is my fave! Thanks

  • Joe M.

    The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite.

  • Jhane Ayon

    fave adaptation as of yet is Flipped :)

  • Markella

    Probably Gossip Girl!

  • wall-to-wall books

    Oh my goodness! This is an awesome giveaway!
    My fav. movie from a book is –
    "Practical Magic" one of my fav. movies and one of my fav. books!

  • Makaela

    The Walking Dead!

  • Les Johnson

    I liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • LorettaLynn

    True Blood

  • Rachel

    Princess bride

  • erma

    The Walking Dead

  • Jane

    The Lord of the Rings! :)

  • Karlene Baila

    I liked I am Number 4.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!!

  • Michelle H

    Harry Potter! =)

  • veronica murillo


  • @danathesquare

    Definitely Harry Potter!

  • lifemusic19

    Harry potter for sure! They did such an amazing job turning those books into a movie!

  • Emily M.


  • Jill

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Thanks!

  • Melissa Stoneback

    Book to movie would be Harry Potter and book to TV is tied between the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones :)

  • elven johnson

    Sin City by Frank Miller

  • starryblue

    A Walk to Remember

  • ronnkelly3

    The Help

  • kaseejohnson

    Stephen King's The Stand made an amazing movie! So did Green Mile!

  • Melissa Golden

    Percy Jackson series, A Walk to Remember and New Moon

  • Sweeping TheUsa

    A Walk to Remember!

  • Patsy Hagen

    The Princess Bride.

  • thejessiebelle


  • nan

    To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Amy W.

    Harry Potter

  • Ashley Hurtt

    GLEE and Gossip Girl

  • Lona

    Interview With a Vampire, Thx for giveaway.

  • jmesparza821

    The Shining.

  • Shelver506

    The BBC production of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. So yummy.

  • Larissa

    Dracula. Love vampire tales!

  • Chelsea B.

    Pride and Prejudice.

  • fearstreet

    Ghost World :)

    ~Amber Terry~

  • redheadedbookworm

    Little Women!

  • @earthdancedaph


  • Austin Baroudi

    Shutter Island!

  • Beverly S

    I liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book made into a movie. :)

  • Rachael Henzman

    City of Ember!

  • partymix25

    My favorite is True Blood. Thanks.

  • kaya

    Game of Thrones is something beautiful. I loved both books and the tv show.

  • Fictitious Musings

    The Game of Thrones is AMAZING!

  • @ItsJustMarty

    Game of Thrones is my favorite book to TV series and The Green Mile is my favorite book to movie.

  • tammyannreads

    The Walking Dead

  • joana a

    a walk to remember

  • persephoneloveshades

    The Walking Dead. Love it.

  • Lacey

    Harry Potter!

  • AEKZ2

    Pillar of the Earth

  • Charity L.

    Harry Potter

  • Michele L

    Harry Potter was good

  • yarnaddicted

    The Firm by John Grisham – Thanks!
    Kim Reid
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  • Jenny Stanek

    Harry Potter!

  • Tracy Awalt Juliano

    Gone with the Wind

  • Stacy T

    I thought that The Lord of the Rings movies were very well done.

  • micheal dale grim

    i would say harry potter

  • Darlene Ysaguirre

    I Loved The Harry Potter and Twilight Series

  • Teresa Thompson

    The Help and I am Number Four.

  • Marlene Breakfield

    Lord of the Rings

  • ruth mikaela alonzo

    Hunger Games is my favorite book turned movie

  • Angie

    I really enjoyed The Princess Diaries, even if they weren't too faithful to the books

  • Seyma Shabbir

    Walking Dead or Hunger Games

  • Sophia Rose

    Anne of Green Gables or Gone With the Wind.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

  • ruthhill74

    Hunger Games!

  • @amanemisa3150

    Warm Bodies, you forgot warm bodies :DDD <3