Best family films of the last 10 years


Pete’s Dragon is a fantasy drama that’s filled with an abundance of heart. Disney’s remake of the classic movie will be sure to entertain audiences as much as it did in 1977. The movie stars Pete, played by Oakes Fegley, who lost his family at an early age due to a fatal car accident only to be left wondering the woods soon after and befriending a dragon, named Elliott. They set off on an epic adventure when two words soon collide, one of magic and wonder and another of reality. But sometimes the greatest things can’t be seen.

With Pete’s Dragon gracing the big screens this past weekend, we thought it’d be fun to list our top 10 family films from the last ten years; they’re films that have made us laugh, cry and pulled at our heart strings.


Night at the Museum (2006) 

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Night at the Museum stars Ben Stiller who plays a night security guard at, you guessed it, a museum.. Thinking he has an easy job watching over the museum artifacts, he  soon learns how mistaken he was. With an ancient Egyptian curse cast over the whole museum, the film sets off on an epic adventure filled with humor and heart. Also, I never laughed as much or looked at a museum the same since watching this movie.

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