Before I Fall Trailer Is On Repeat Mode


I have not read Before I Fall, but apparently it’s a best selling novel. What I am aware of is how great Zoey Deutch is. So I may or may not be crushing on her (I am), but she’s a talented fresh face in Hollywood that’s quickly making a name for herself, and not because of her famous mom (Lea Thompson). In the movie Deutch plays a girl named Samantha who gets in a car accident and ends up reliving her final day over and over. Similar dilemma that Tom Cruise had in Edge of Tomorrow. Most recently Doctor Strange went the same route. It’s a concept that’s been done before, but it’s a teen drama centered on girls, so it’s fresh in a that aspect.

The trailer repeats the key moments a lot, it’s probably what will be happening in the movie, so you don’t have to worry about too much of the movie being given away in this trailer. The trailer is intriguing, as it seems there are two main things going on. Samantha gets to do over the same day of her accident, but everyday she is learning more and attempts to do something different to change the world around her. It’s as if she’s having a self-reflective daily awakening. Is there a higher force causing her to reflect and change her surroundings? Seems like it. There is a mysterious homeless looking girl Juliette. She fits perfectly as an odd individual that plays a significant part in the deja vu that’s happening to Samantha. Will she get out of her repeating nightmare? Will she survive? Will she alter the world around her? All questions that are left to ponder that are unanswered.

I liked the thriller vibe to the movie. It has a fun concept with a couple added twists to it. This could be a big breakout role for Deutch, in the sense that she could establish herself as a leading lady or not (I definitely think she could be a top young Hollywood actress). There will be more trailers to come before the film comes out in March, but at first attempt it looks intriguing and suspenseful. I’ll be keeping my eye on it.

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