Andrew Garfield’s Top Five Movie Roles


There is no doubt Andrew Garfield is already one of the top young actors in Hollywood. With over a decade in the business (his first credit was in 2005), he caught everyone’s attention in the critically acclaimed The Social Network playing Eduardo Savarin, the often forgotten co-creator of Facebook. That lead to him getting the role of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man reboot movies.

Garfield’s resume isn’t as lengthy as some of his peers, but he sure has had some memorable performances. Garfield is already garnering major praise for his work in Hacksaw Ridge (in theaters Nov. 4), where he plays Desmond T. Doss, an army medic that became a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroism in WWII and it’s not unlikely to think he’ll deliver yet another stunning performance in Silence later in the year. However, for those of you still playing catch up on the actor, here are Andrew Garfield’s top five movie roles up until now.

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