Aaron Sorkin taking his talents behind the lens for ‘Molly’s Game’


Already considered one of the most skilled and sought after screenwriters in Hollywood. Aaron Sorkin will finally make his directorial debut with Molly’s Game. Molly’s Game is based the memoir of former Olympic skier Molly Bloom. Specifically the film will focus on the time Bloom was unable to qualify for the Olympics which led to her taking a year off from the sport. What she did however in that year was completely unprecedented as she managed poker games for the Hollywood elite. Though no casting or release date has been confirmed for the film as of yet, one can’t help but assume that this feels very much like an Oscar contender.

With a screenwriting Oscar already on his mantle for his work on The Social Network, many have been awaiting Sorkin’s directorial debut. Having already written and produced two highly acclaimed TV shows, The West Wing and The Newsroom, it is clear that Sorkin can produce a vision beyond just the written page.

What also makes this impending debut so interesting is because of the kind of directors Sorkin has worked with before. Directors such as Warren Beatty, David Fincher and Bennett Miller have all benefited from Sorkin’s written work. What exactly Sorkin has benefited from working with such talented directors however is yet to be seen.

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