7 Best Survival Films

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With the release of The Shallows this weekend, the latest survival thriller that features Blake Lively vs. Shark, we add one more film to the canon of other great survival films. Survival films feature ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations and have to fight for their lives. Whether it’s a solo survival or a group survival, true or fictional, it usually ends up being Man vs. Nature. Some of these films offer hope at their conclusion, while others take the more cynical route, where fate or circumstance or just plain bad luck interfere with these people. In each case, however, it’s the simple plight of humanity that we connect with — that instinct to just survive that make these films worth every re watch. Not everyone will survive. We root for them anyway. Check out seven of the best survival films below. Warning —there will be spoilers for most of these films. 

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