5 Ryan Reynolds roles to check out before Deadpool

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Ryan Reynolds’ career has been both fascinating and frustrating to watch develop. Blessed with good looks, quick wit and a chiseled physique, the Van Wilder star is about as quintessential a leading man as we have in this day and age. However, as he’s evolved from the snarky frat boy roles of his early career to the larger scale, mainstream ones, something just hasn’t quite clicked. It’s hard to blame him, as his infinitely likable screen presence always makes him a pleasure to watch, but the films he’s tried to break in with just haven’t worked. Green Lantern, R.I.P.D, Self/Less, the list goes on and on. Seemingly tired of these missteps, and up until recently desperate to get his long gestating passion project, Deadpool, off the ground, Reynolds has taken an intriguing career path. He’s somewhat adverse to typical leading man roles these days, opting to star in smaller films that often times lead to his best work. The problem? Nobody sees them. So now, to shed some light on the work this wonderful performer has given us before his big break finally comes, here are five Ryan Reynolds roles that are more than worth your time.

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