5 Films that will help you get over your January funk

Erin Brockovich (2000)

The inspirational film to end all inspirational films, this Steven Soderbergh-directed biopic is a sure-fire way to launch your spirits into space. (Arguably even more so than 2001’s Legally Blonde. Yep, I went there.) Erin Brockovich tracks the titular character (played by Julia Roberts) through an intense class-action lawsuit following research and investigation into energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), whose negligence led to carcinogenic contamination of water and even lymphoma in one known instance. The case unravels into national news, and is forever known as the Hinkley, California groundwater contamination suit. While this film may not initially seem all that feel-good, it is when you consider the underdog theme (at the start of the film, Brockovich is an unemployed single mother of three) that leads to a triumphant, warm ending. Brockovich’s unwavering can-do attitude and resiliency will undoubtedly rub off on any viewer, and Julia Roberts’s slight, sweet southern accent will stick in your head for days. Erin Brockovich is the perfect pick to not only motivate you to right the wrongs you encounter, but also to follow a path about which you are passionate.

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