5 Films that will help you get over your January funk

After the celebratory champagne has ceased flowing, after the multi-colored confetti has been cleared out of the city streets and after you’ve finally regained your hearing following a seemingly never-ending (but brilliant) fireworks show, all you’re left with is a thrice-revised New Year’s resolutions list and an odd feeling in your stomach. For a lot of people, January is perhaps the strangest month of the year. It is marketed as the month of fresh starts, new beginnings and optimism — but it can also leave many feeling lost and cloudy. And what do most of us do when we’re a bit fuzzy in the brain? We grab the biggest blanket in the house, wrap ourselves in it like a human burrito and firmly plant ourselves on the couch to commence Netflix menu scrolling. If January has left you in a funk, here are five films that will help pull you out.

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AJ Caulfield is a 22-year-old writer, massive goofball, and quite possibly Leslie Knope's long-lost twin. She's a big fan of 80's rock music, female-directed films, and Mad Men.